Chapter Spotlight

Mojag Chapter is one of the founding chapters of the Singapore Scout Guild. Chapter members come from the 5th Singapore St Anthony’s Mojag Scout Troop.

Mojag was founded by Leslie Aubrey Woodford, (Black Bear) in 1939.  The Mojags were a well trained troop, winning many national Scout competitions. *

Many Mojags became prominent members in our Scouting community including Alphonsus Tan Chok Kian (Former Chairman, CPF Board) who was the the President of the Guild in 1999 and current Guild President, Senior Lawyer Ranvir Kumar Singh.

The Mojag Chapter continues to foster close ties and fellowship through regular chapter events.

*Reference: Scouting In Singapore (1910-2000)




The Mojag Totem was the brain-child of S.M. Black Bear (Mr. L.A. Woodford) and A.S.M. Lone Wolf (Mr.H.C. Schooling).

The carvings were done by A.S.M. Lone Wolf at Purdy Scout Camp in Changi.

On completion, the Totem was erected. It stood prominently among other Totems in Purdy Scout Camp.

It remained standing during the Japanese bombing of Singapore and throughout the Japanese occupation.



(St.Anthony’s Boys’ School. Victoria Street) 

In August 1946, the Totem, with carvings depicting glorious achievements by the Mojags in 1940 and 1941, was re-sited at St. Anthony’s Boys’ School, Victoria Street.