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Hwa Chong Chapter

Hwa Chong Scout Group (known as The Chinese High School Scout
Group prior to 2005) was inaugurated by Commissioner of Malaya, Frank Cooper
Sands, on 23 November 1919 as the 7th Singapore Troop. As the first Chinese-
speaking troop, the Group restored activities in 1946 and re-registered with HQ as
the 1st Singapore Chinese Troop on 9 August 1947. Its subsequent group numbers
were 51st Southwestern Troop (1951-1959), Tanglin 2205 (1959-1983) and Tanglin
05 (1983-1988).

Currently under the North Area, the Group consists of two Scout Troops,
one Venture Scout Troop and one Rover Crew. Besides offering robust sectional
training programmes and involvement in HQ/Area activities to the members, the
Group also facilitates opportunities to participate in overseas Scout events for
greater exposure to the region and awareness about trends in youth movement.
Back home, the members are regularly involved in community interactions and
service stints to the Association, where the Group’s lion dance troupe and the only
Scout Band in Singapore perform at key functions such as NDPs, Adiji Chief Scout
and National Jamborees.

To date (2017), the Group has produced 6 King Scouts, 1 Queen
Scout and 113 President Scouts (Senior Scout/Venture Scout section), 3 Scout Cord
and 131 Chief Commissioner Award recipients (Scout section), and 2 Baden-Powell
Award holders (Rover Scout section). The Group is also a recipient of the Frank
Cooper Sands Good Unit Award since its inception in 1995.

Hwa Chong Scout Guild Chapter

The Chapter was formed in 2000 as The Chinese High School Scout
Guild (later Hwa Chong Scout Chapter) and registered with the Guild as its first
chapter in the same year. As part of the initiatives to expand guild membership, the
Group’s former President Scouts formed the Hwa Chong President Scout Chapter
under the Guild in 2005, witnessed by then-President and Chief Scout S.R Nathan.


The Chapter is one of the more active member chapters in the Guild,
participating in events such as fund-raising activities, World Scout Day dinners and
hosting of Guild AGMs. The Chapter also supports the Association in key events,
such as co-organising the 2010 National Scout Rally (at Hwa Chong Institution) in
celebration of the Singapore Scout Centennial and the 2012 Adiji Chief Scout for
then-President Dr Tony Tan.

The Chapter was one of the two recipients for the “Most Active Guild
Chapter” presented by the Guild in 2015.

Inauguration of The Chinese High School President’s Scout Chapter in October 2005 – witnessed by President and Chief Scout S. R. Nathan

Hwa Chong Scout Lion Dance welcoming DPM Teo Chee Hean at National Scout Rally on 22 May 2010

Song performance at Founder’s Day Dinner by Guild members in February 2002 (second from right: former President and Chief Scout Ong Teng Cheong)

Hwa Chong Scout Band at National Scout Rally on 22 May 2010

Troop photo dated January 1920 (centre seated: Frank C. Sands)

Troop photo dated 9 Aug 1947 – inauguration of 1st Singapore Chinese Troop

Founder’s Day Dinner with Guild members on 20 February 2016 (seated third from left: King Scout Ong Chu Meng)