Photo Credits (Facebook Page of Sutari bin Supari)

Jurong Camp 1957

Jurong Camp – 1957

Serangoon Eagle Scout Group aka 18th Singapore Troop, established in 1922.
Serangoon English School was the only government co-educational school in the Crown Colony and also a feeder school to Raffles Institution. The influence of Scout Movement in the school were strong, as they have adopt the motto “Play The Game” which also appear in the book “Aids To Scoutmastership”.

Serangoon English School- 17-year old Patrol Leaders of 18th Troop-Ho Ton Chen(left) and Lim Tang Min(right) on their 22-mile circuit boating trip around Singapore Island in a 14-foot sampan,1954.(SPH/NAS)

Perak House Sea Scouts,1954.(MITA/NAS)

Gan Eng Seng Scout Teachers in early years – picture taken from Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall at Ah Hood Road

Sea Scout Cubs doing Signaling exercise at the Perak House,12 Oct 1954.(MITA/NAS)

Perak House Sea Scouts,12 Oct 1954.(MITA/NAS)

Perak House Sea Scouts,1954.(MITA/NAS)