Guild Activity

On Saturday 10/3/18, 34 Guild members, including their family members and friends, explored the Southern Ridges during a morning walk. Although it had rained earlier that morning, the weather cleared up by the time the walk started at around 8.30 am and remained cool and cloudy throughout the walk until towards the end about 3 hours later when it rained briefly, by which time most participants were already under shelter at the destination – Danish Seamen’s Mission. Beginning at Pender Road, the walk brought participants on a salubrious journey of about 6 kilometres of undulating terrain, both natural and man-made, providing sighting of flora and fauna  and ample opportunities for photo-taking amidst scenic background.  All participants completed the journey, including Lam Peck Heng (who has been recovering from a leg injury) and Foo Seck Dong (who journeyed in a wheel chair). Their Scouting “can do” spirit was an inspiration to all.

At the end of the walk, participants were treated by Roney Tan to a quiz on the walk and to a slide show presentation on the history of the “Golden Bell” building, which were interesting and educational. The “Golden Bell” is sited  at 10 Pender Road and it now houses the Danish Seamen’s Mission. It is steeped in history, having been built by Roney Tan’s uncle, Tan Boo Liat, who resided there until  his death in 1934. Amongst the illustrious guests who stayed there included Dr Sun Yat Sen.

Thereafter, participants had a sumptuous lunch there, savouring authentic Danish cuisine prepared by the Mission and halal cuisine prepared by Fauzi’s wife.  After great fellowship during lunch, participants headed back home before concluding that they greatly enjoyed the event and looked forward to more such events.

Kudos to RI Chapter and Singa Chapter for jointly organizing the event and to each and everyone who helped to make it a success!